Just so everyone knows, I have not been updating this site like I should.  I have been to busy with work and life in general.  Sometime between the last time I updated this site and now, my hosting site was hacked and items were put within this site selling drugs.  I do not promote and will never promote this type of action.  I have cleaned this site, but may have missed something.  Please let me know if there are any links promoting drugs on this site.


Hello all.  My name is Dennis Strickland and this is my site. I am not new to web pages, but I lack the time to spend making my web page look nice. So, needless to say, this site is under construction and still has a lot of the default setting and text throughout. I am currently working on it and should have it somewhat done in a few days/weeks. This post was made on February 09, 2011. I look forward to having it up and running and hope you find this site usable.

A customer gallery was added.  I will be adding a public/portfolio gallery next.  Added February 18, 2011.

Finally decided on a NextGEN gallery to show public pictures.  I will post problems I was having and how to fix them in the blog in a few days. Added March 2, 2011.