Published February 17, 2011 by Dennis in Getting Started, Photography

The Gallery page was added to the site today. This is a client based gallery page.  The page contains password protected galleries for clients to view their photos. In the future there will be a link for clients to purchase photos for download or hard prints.  I have not decided if I will use Gallery or a third party for this addition.

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Joomla vs WordPress

Published February 12, 2011 by Dennis in Getting Started

Like I said, here is my opinion on Joomla vs WordPress. (I hope you figured out which one I was going to side with.) I installed Joomla and after trying to use it, without reading anything about it, I had nothing.  No custom web page, just the stupid default one.  I looked through the templates and downloaded a few that I liked.  I used ftp to put them on my site, unzipped the files and Joomla would not reconize any that I tried.  I read a few sites that told how to set up Joomla and still after two days, […]

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Hello world!

Published February 9, 2011 by Dennis in Getting Started, Photography

Well this is my first post to this updated site.  I did not have a blog before.  I will be giving a comparison of Joomla and WordPress in my next post.  Now I will not be getting all techie, but it will be my opinion on which one I believe to be better.  At least better for me. BTW, If you have not figured out which one I will be in favor of… well then.. the next post may be to technical for you.

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