Joomla vs WordPress

Published February 12, 2011 by Dennis in Getting Started

Like I said, here is my opinion on Joomla vs WordPress.

(I hope you figured out which one I was going to side with.)

I installed Joomla and after trying to use it, without reading anything about it, I had nothing.  No custom web page, just the stupid default one.  I looked through the templates and downloaded a few that I liked.  I used ftp to put them on my site, unzipped the files and Joomla would not reconize any that I tried.  I read a few sites that told how to set up Joomla and still after two days, not full days.. I have a job and a life, I still had the same nothing only with a new title.

So I thought I would give WordPress a try.  What could it hurt.

I installed WordPress and looked a the default web page.  It almost looked good enough to keep as is.  To my surprise downloading themes and plugins are done my tabs and links from the dashboard.  I did not have to ftp anything, not that I am opposed to ftp, I like ftp.  I just do not think I should be forced to use it.  After messing with WordPress less that a day, the job and life thing still applies.  I had two web pages started.  Granted they are still not finished because they are a work in progress and the job and life thing again.   I will have them finished.

I think building a web page should not take a lot of reading and  pains in the butt to have a nice looking site.  So… in my opinion, WordPress beats Joomla hands down.  A lot less work needs to go into a site to make it look nice.

I know this is a new site and no one will probably read this, but if someone does find it, tell me what you think about the two.

By the way, I am staying non technical on purpose.  I can get technical, but am choosing not to.  If you want to know more about me go to my linkedIn Page.

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